Date/Time: 03/04/2019 14:30:00

Path: Breccia Cliffs Area Zone: 201
Elevation: 9949 Aspect: W
Starting zone slope angle: 36-40
Type: Hard Slab
Relative Size: 3 Destructive Size: 2.5 Depth: 60
Trigger: Snowmobile (AM)
Lat: 43.804745 Lng: -110.101219

Observer Notes:A snowmobiler was reported to have been riding downward on a steep slope when he triggered a large slab avalanche. The rider deployed an avalanche airbag, was overtaken by the slide and was buried under 2 to 4 feet of avalanche debris. He was located and excavated in 5 to 10 minutes by three companions but did not survive. Our sincere condolences are extended to his family and friends. This hard slab was 3 to 5 feet thick and failed on faceted snow that formed earlier in the season. The crown of the avalanche was measured to be 5 feet deep.

1 Fatalities Involved.

Dale Walter Clyde Laedtke Age: 27

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