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This map will display events which have a latitude and longitude assigned. There may be events from the time period selected which cannot be displayed due to the lack of a point to assign them to. This happens when observations are reported, but the information is not complete enough to determine their exact location.

Avalanche Types:

All depths are in inches.
  • SS = soft slab
  • HS = hard slab
  • WS - wet slab
  • L - loose
  • WL - wet loose

Avalanche Size - Relative to Path:

  • R1 Very small, relative to the path
  • R2 Small, relative to the path
  • R3 Medium, relative to the path
  • R4 Large, relativie to the path
  • R5 Major or maximium, relative to the path

Avalanche Size - Destructive Force

  • D1 Relatively harmless to people
  • D2 Could bury, injure, or kill a person
  • D3 Could bury and destroy a car, damage a truck, destroy a wood frame house or break a few trees
  • D4 Could destroy a railway car, large truck, several buildings, or a substantial amount of forest
  • D5 Could gouge the landscape, Largest snow avalanche known.


  • AA = Artillery
  • AB = Explosive Air Blast
  • AE = Explosive Hand Charge
  • AF = Hiker/Foot Penetration
  • AF = Snowshoer
  • AL = Avalauncher
  • AM = Snowmobile
  • AO = Other
  • AR = Snowboarder
  • AS = Skier
  • AV = Vehicle
  • AW = Wildlife
  • AX = Gas Exploder
  • N = Natural
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