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Issued at 04/21/2017 05:57     Valid until: 04/21/2017 23:59

CURRENT CONDITIONS (Mountain Weather Past 24 Hours)

At 10,400' Elevation: 5 AM Temp Max Temp Avg Wind Direction Avg. Wind Speed Max Wind Gust
Rendezvous Summit 16 º F 37 Southwesterly 18 40
Location Snowfall/Prec. Total Snow Depth Total Snowfall
At 9,300' Elevation (Raymer Plot) 2"/ 0.25 114" 537"
At 9,580' Elevation (Rendezvous Bowl Plot) 3"/ 0.35" 154" 609"
At 8,800' Elevation (Chief Joseph Plot) "/ " " "

Mountain Weather Forecast for Today

Expect periods of sunshine and cloud cover as northwesterly flow aloft brings a few scattered showers to the region.
Temperature Forecast for 8,000´-9,000´: Rising into the mid to upper 20s.
Ridge Top Wind Forecast for 10,000´: Northwesterly at 15 to 25 miles per hour.
Snowfall Expected Next 24 Hours: Trace to 2


High Elevations (9,000´-10,500´) Morning   1-LOW Afternoon   1-LOW
Mid Elevations (7,500´-9,000´) Morning   1-LOW Afternoon   1-LOW
Low Elevations (6,000´-7,500´) Morning   1-LOW Afternoon   1-LOW


Low hazard does not mean no hazard. At the higher elevations, moderate to strong westerly ridgetop winds overnight combined with a few inches of new snow to form isolated pockets of shallow wind slab in leeward terrain near ridgelines. Up there, skiers and riders might be able to trigger these slabs to depths of six inches on steep, avalanche-prone slopes. In localized areas, greater amounts of new snow may have fallen, and the depth and volume of these slabs could be higher. If skies are mostly clear in the afternoon, the likelihood of triggering these slabs will increase on sunlit aspects, and the chance for shallow wet loose sluffs involving the new snow will emerge on sun affected slopes. Take note of the amount of new snow, and monitor the extent of daytime warming. The daily morning avalanche nowcasts will conclude on Sunday for the 2016-2017 winter season.
For further information call 307-733-2664 To report an avalanche observation call 307-739-2607
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