Issued at 11/14/2017 05:42   Valid until: 11/14/2017 23:59
CURRENT CONDITIONS (Mountain Weather Past 24 Hours)
At 10,400' Elevation 5 AM Temp Max Temp Avg Wind Dir Avg. Wind Speed Max Wind Gust
Rendezvous Summit 22 º F 35 Southwesterly 19 37
Location Elevation Snowfall/Prec. Total Snow Depth Total Snowfall
Raymer Plot 9,300' 1"/ 0.10 33" 87"
Rendezvous Bowl 9,580' 2"/ 0.10" 43" 91"
Chief Joseph Plot 8,800' 0"/ 0.01" 42" 81"
Mountain Weather Forecast for Today
Snow becoming heavy during the morning, decreasing in the afternoon and eneding by evening.
Temperature forecast for 8,000 - 9,000: Colder air will move into the region. Temperatures will drop into the upper teens by evening
Ridge Top Wind Forecast for 10,000´: Strong and gusty during the morning. West-southwest at 33 to 38 with gusts to 55 decreasing to 23 to 28 miles per hour by the end of the day
Snowfall Expected Next 24 Hours : 2 to 4
Elevation Morning Rating Afternoon Rating
High Elevations (9,000´-10,500´) 1-LOW 1-LOW
Mid Elevations (7,500´-9,000´) 1-LOW 1-LOW
Low Elevations (6,000´-7,500´ 1-LOW 1-LOW
General Avalanche Advisory
On November 4 & 5 large slab avalanches released naturally on a crusty and faceted October snow layer. These events occurred at or near the end of a five day storm cycle that put up to 40 inches of new snow with over 4 inches of water on that old snow surface. This problem layer persist, however the loading event that caused these natural avalanches is long over and no new activity has been reported on this layer since the end of that storm cycle. It seems unlikely that a human could trigger a large slab avalanche on the October/November snow interface. Suspect slopes for that scenario would be north facing avalanche starting zones and cliff areas that are above an elevation of 8,500 feet. Due to the uncertainty of this assessment and the consequences involved, a conservative approach to suspect terrain remains warranted. Todays new snow and wind may begin to form very small pockets of new wind slab on leeward aspects. Grand Targhee Resort is closed to uphill travel while preparations are in progress for their opening on Friday.
For further information call 307-733-2664 To report an avalanche observation call 307-739-2607