Date/Time: 02/21/2016 04:02:00

Path: Fred's Saddle Backside Zone: 106
Elevation: 9716 Aspect: E
Starting zone slope angle: 41-45
Type: Soft Slab
Relative Size: 2 Destructive Size: 2.0 Depth: 24
Trigger: Snowshoer (AF)
Lat: 43.789211 Lng: -110.934776

Observer Notes:A lift area skier clicked out of his bindings. Walked out of the area under a rope line on a closed boundary and onto a cornice in the wilderness area. The cornice broke and he fell onto the slope below. This triggered a slide that carried him over a large cliff. He was found by a Grand Targhee Avalanche Dog, buried 2 ft. deep in the debris below the cliff, but had died of trauma

1 Fatalities Involved.

Ernesto Rodriguez-Becerra Age: 30

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