Date/Time: 01/22/1903

Path: Head of Cow Creek Drainage Zone: 602
Elevation: 9845 Aspect: E
Starting zone slope angle: 36-40
Type: Soft Slab
Relative Size: 3 Destructive Size: 3.0 Depth:
Trigger: Snowshoer (AF)
Lat: 41.185452 Lng: -107.003723

Observer Notes:In the afternoon of Jan 22, 1903, two men — traveling together — were buried and killed near Battle (east of Baggs and west of Encampment) in separate avalanches while working along the Ferris Haggerty Mine Tram. The men had repaired a broken phone line that ran along the 16-mile aerial tramway. Appears that LeMieux got caught first and that Comer went back to search for LeMieux and was caught and buried in a second avalanche. Exact location unknown.

2 Fatalities Involved.

Peter LeMieux Age: 30
Charles Comer Age: 0

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