Date/Time: 01/25/2019

Path: East of Upper Palisades Lake Zone: 304
Elevation: 9054 Aspect: S
Starting zone slope angle: 36-40
Type: Soft Slab
Relative Size: 2 Destructive Size: 2.0 Depth: 24
Trigger: Snowmobile (AM)
Lat: 43.429115 Lng: -111.059204

Observer Notes:One snowmobiler rode up the slope and triggered a slab avalanche. His three companions were at the base of the slope. The slope failed and all four were caught. Two were buried to their waist. Another was buried with his head exposed. The were able to self extricate. The rider who was higher on the slope was missing. The companions started a beacon search. As they homed in on the signal they spied the rear bumper of his sled. The rider was found near the sled head down with only a boot showing above the avalanche debris. CPR was performed but he did not survive.

1 Fatalities Involved.

Tommy Hawkins Age: 35

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