Date/Time: 02/17/2021 13:30:00

Path: Squaw Creek Drainage Zone: 305
Elevation: 8270 Aspect: NE
Starting zone slope angle: 41-45
Type: Soft Slab
Relative Size: 3 Destructive Size: 2.0 Depth: 36
Trigger: Snowmobile (AM)
Lat: 43.093391 Lng: -110.921600

Observer Notes:<<A group of 9 experienced snowmobilers who were familiar with the terrain and avalanche conditions were riding in the Squaw Creek Drainage when they triggered a slab avalanche. The slide was 2 to 3 feet deep and was triggered by a rider who came onto the slope from the top. The group had previously tracked the slope. The avalanche debris caught all but one member of the group. One person was fully buried under 4 to 5 feet of avalanche debris. Three others were buried with only their faces or helmets visible above the avalanche debris. Self rescue efforts quickly determined that only one member of the party was buried. A transceiver search determined his location. He was excavated and given CPR. He did not survive. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and all of those involved.>>

1 Fatalities Involved.

Greg Stanczak Age: 56

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